Tips On Business Travel You Can Use Today!

download (9)If you travel a lot for business and are looking for a less stressful and more easy going hotel stay here are some valuable tips to use when planning your next trip.

1 – Join the corporate loyalty travel rewards programs

Most business travellers will find that booking flights and hotel stays will help them accumulate numerous reward points and dollars which can be redeemed later. These points can really add up fast, so begin the sign up process and don’t leave those dollars on the table!

2 – Annual travel or health insurance plans

If you do not currently have travel or health insurance with your company, you may wish to consider getting an annual plan that will give you a certain amount (x) of days n(30 – 45 – 90 days, etc) over the course of a year instead of having to purchase coverage every time.

3 – Get easily down-loadable mufti-language guides

It’s always useful to download basic language guides on your smart phone if you find yourself travelling the world for business and corporate events. Getting basic guides in

5 Tips to Avoiding Travel Eczema

images (2)Your eczema has been under control for a while. You have attained that sweet spot of equilibrium where your known eczema triggers are understood and avoided, whatever medications you take are working and not causing side effects, your skin is as good as it gets. Only one problem, you will be traveling soon.

Travel eczema, occurs when your body meets up with irritants and allergens you cannot control, as a result of not being on home turf. Whether it’s air, water, food, sun, soaps, detergents or weather, traveling presents some hard to solve problems trying to keep eczema in check.

Sometimes it’s the irritant or allergen you are exposed to that you would usually avoid, that causes the problem. But sometimes, just the change of routine or unfamiliar environments can cause flare-ups. Traveling can be stressful and eczema loves stress.

Here are a few tips to keep eczema at bay:

1) Do a little research into the type of foods you will encounter that are indigenous to the area you will visit. What can you eat, what

Adventure Germany Travel

download (8)Travel to Germany for the usual tourist includes Berlin and other major cities. Finding the secret Adventure in Germany when you travel can be found at Lake Constance. The Lake is on the border of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Lake Constance has scenic views fed by the Rhine and sitting at the base of the Alps. It is one of the main sources of water for Germany. Here you will find your choice of hotels along the lake. Take a tour from the water by tour boat, enjoy fresh caught fish from the lake at restaurants in the area, and some of the famous German Beer. Hike into the alps and have an adventure that people have enjoyed for centuries.

Have you ever wanted to be a Duke or a Duchess? For up to four weeks you can be at Camp Buldern located in a genuine castle. Here you will be staying at a real German Castle with people from all over the world.

You will stay and adventure travel around the scenic village, enjoy the park like grounds pond included, hike around the area, enjoy

7 Best Online Travel Communities

True, Tripadvisor, Frommer’s and the Lonely Planet are some of the best online travel communities going, but they’re far from the only ones amongst the greats. So go on, expand your travel community horizons and check out our 7 Best Off The Radar Travel Communities:

1. Travelistic

From YouTube to Hulu to Yahoo, were a video obsessed bunch. Travelistic has cleverly taken this to head and created a travel community wholly centred around video.

Log on and you’ll find over 10,000 user submitted travel videos, to view, comment on and inspire your future travels. Want to visit the Great Wall? Journey to the top of Everest? You can do it all on Travelistic, without ever leaving home.

2. Igougo

A masterful all in one travel community, where you can plan your trip, compare flights and hotels and share your travel experiences with the world.

Just type in a destination and you’ll be instantly connected to a plethora of photos, reviews and users who have traveled or reside there. When you’re ready to go, create your very own trip journal and give back to the community by sharing your own travel experiences.

7 Steps to Landing Great Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel nursing jobs. The title alone can spur excitement for many working in the nursing profession. But how does one start a travel nursing career? Whether you’re a registered nurse or just someone who is starting nursing school, the path to landing a thrilling travel nurse job can be confusing. This guide will help describe the steps necessary to starting a great career filled with wonderful nursing jobs and experiences.

Step 1: Choose a Staffing Company that Offers Travel Nursing Jobs
Choosing a medical staffing firm is the first step to starting your career with travel nursing. There are a lot of medical staffing agencies in the United States that a budding travel nurse can choose from, and it’s important that anyone who is looking forward to great travel nursing jobs do the appropriate research. Ideally, you want to partner with a medical staffing agency that best suits your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind when researching travel nursing companies.

o Find medical staffing firms with a track record. Established firms will often have the best connections to great travel job opportunities. Those that have been in business for a number of years

A Corporate Travellers’ New York Airports Guide

New York City is one of the most popular key travel destinations for corporate travellers worldwide. The city is the center of much that’s great, dynamic and profitable in America. It is home of one of the world’s principal financial centres (i.e. anchored by Wall Street), and a popular business hub for the publishing and entertainment industry at the same time. So, it’s no surprise it features three airports, Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and J. F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). As a frequent corporate traveller you probably may have flown to one of the three New York airports at some point or another. With JFK being a major international gateway to the US, this city guide aims to provide some helpful travel agents tips for corporate travellers flying to or from JFK Airport.

New York JFK Facts & Figures

Located about 25km away from Manhattan in Queens, JFK Airport is the largest airport in the state of New York and one of the busiest business travel hubs (over 50 million travellers/year) in the US and internationally. It has six operating terminals (numbered 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8; terminal 6 was demolished

How to Understand, Start and Run a Successful Home Based Travel Business

Why this is such an excellent choice for a home based business, and How To Get Started

Are you seeking information on a Home Business, or possibly you’ve read a whole lot and now you are trying to sort out what might be the BEST home based business? This is a long article, but stick with it all the way and we’re very confident you’ll have your answer(s).
Are you looking for the Best Home Based Business ? Recent polls show that over 70% of people who search the Internet are looking for such an opportunity. But does something like this really exist?

Here’s the problem: if you asked ten different people what the “best” home business was, you would probably get ten different answers. The truth of the matter is it really comes down to finding the best one for YOU.

We are all coming from a unique background. Each of us first has different wants and needs, and a want or need will determine what is best. Then we all have different abilities, and yes.. your abilities DO match up to what might be the best for YOU. What’s best for a friend

Get the Most Out of Your Travel Agent

Booking air travel, making hotel reservations and arranging vacation travel in general has changed completely with the advent of the internet and many people try to be their own travel agents. While you can arrange seemingly most of your travel yourself, you can’t do as well as your travel agent in a long run!

Travel processionals, whether your local travel agent, tour operator or destination specialist still possess contacts that you as an industry outsider do not have. As in number of other professions, travel agents, whether in a shopping center near your home or an online agency, wherever they may be located, do know something you do not, have way to book and arrange travel for you in ways unavailable or unknown to you.

Traditionally you could contact a travel agent and ask for a quote, whether a price of an air ticket, hotel or a vacation package. For the most part travel agents still provide that kind of information, although there is a limit how much information they may disclose as not all information is readily available to them.

First of all, most travel agents indeed may have at their fingertips routine cost

Confused With All the Travel Information on the Internet?

There is so much information available on the internet right now regarding travel. There are online travel sites for cruises, hotels, air, trains and any other type of travel. But what is the correct product for you? Is the location of the hotel where you want to be? Is the type of room or cabin the right fit for you? Is that cruise line the one you should be booking? Not all products are created equal nor are the products right for everyone. How do you tell? Contact a travel professional.

Do travel agents exist?

There have been multiple articles, and even the President of the United States, has said travel agents don’t exist or are going away. In a way they are right. Travel agents in the past were just someone who booked a trip for someone who called or came in to the storefront office of a travel agency. Storefront travel agencies are few and far between now a days as most of the “travel agents” have gone home to work. Even the term “travel agent” is going away because what they do now is different than what they did before.

Travel Professionals/Travel

6 Places To Visit in Germany

You can read all of the Germany travel guides but they all recommend different places to visit but the guide may not always help. There are numerous famous places that are worth visiting after you book your holiday accommodation in Germany.

Whether it’s historic or modern culture, Germany is sure to never disappoint its tourists. From entertainment to adventure, Germany is well set to ensure you come back and visit time and time again.

1) Cologne Cathedral

Located at the banks of River Rhine, the Cologne Cathedral in Germany is alleged to be the most visited tourist attraction of Germany. The cathedral is over 600 year old and has magnificent architecture to see, reflecting Gothic style. The Shrine of the Three Magi, the most sacred place of the cathedral, is a brilliantly coated tomb. It is believed by locals that the remains of the Three Wise Men are kept here. To gain access to the cathedral you must climb 500 steps, if you want to reach the summit of the south tower. When you eventually arrive, you will see the most spectacular panoramic view of the city.

2) Neuschwanstein

Built by King Ludwig II, this world famous castle proudly stands adjacent

Tips For Finding Wonderful Spiritual And Religious Tour Packages In Egypt

From the Great Pyramid to the Valley of the Kings, the major landmarks of ancient Egypt exude mystery and power. But as impressive as these sites are, for Christians the land of Egypt contains many landmarks even more significant. Here pilgrims can walk in the footsteps of Moses on Mt. Sinai, worship where the Holy Family is believed to have rested on the flight from Bethlehem, and watch the stars emerge above the desert where the Israelites once wandered. In this nation that has shaped so much of Christian history, Biblical stories come alive.

Egypt is one of the most frequently mentioned places in the Bible, found in references from Genesis through the Gospels. Abraham journeyed to Egypt to escape a famine, and later his great-grandson Joseph took the same journey involuntarily when he was sold into slavery.

Generations later, the Israelites became slaves in Egypt and were led out of bondage by Moses, who had been adopted into the Pharaoh’s family. After crossing the Red Sea, they wandered for forty years in the Sinai desert before reaching the land promised to them by God. Many generations later, the Holy Family fled to Egypt to escape

5 Excellent Tips to Save Big on Flight Tickets

There are many travelers who avoid travelling by air due to exorbitant airfare. If you are one among them, what if we say you can buy flight tickets at the lowest price possible and enjoy your vacations? If we go by thumb rule, the best way to get best deals on airfare is either by booking early or be flexible with your dates. There are a couple of other factors that can help you purchase flight tickets at cheap rates. This post discusses five tips to save money on air tickets.

1. Never book flights on Fridays and Sundays

Fridays and Sundays are the most expensive days to purchase flight tickets. According to several independent studies, airfare booked on Friday cost on an average 13 percent more than the tickets booked on Saturdays. The reason being Airlines launch price hike during peak days when they expect the maximum traffic and usually, post best deals on tickets on days when they expect less traffic, for example on Saturdays they expect fewer business travelers are looking for last-minute tickets, and business personnel being the major portion of traveling crowd. Besides, Saturdays the best time to shop for flight

The Travel Tips That Could Save You A Ton of Money Today

There are a lot of different travel tips that you are going to find today. If you are looking for things that actually work, you will no doubt want to look into things that aren’t getting talked about a lot. The following options, for example, will shine light on things that will help you get to point A and point B without spending a great deal. Whether you want to go to a new destination solo, or you want to take a family vacation, you can definitely do so without spending a small fortune. With the costs of travel getting so expensive, people are always looking for deals, and here are some effective things that you can do.

Look For Last Minute Bookings

First and foremost, make sure that you sign up for newsletters from the major travel websites out there. Then whenever you see “last minute” deals, jump on them. You’re going to find that these can provide you with huge savings, especially if you book with airlines that are discounting tickets all the time. Remember, the airlines would rather book a flight with at least 1 person than to not fly at all. You

10 Travel Tips for Seniors

1. Take Advantage of Senior Discounts

You have lived a long time, worked hard, and contributed to society. Many times the public will actually try and reward you for this. For instance, in the United States the National Parks offer a discount to senior citizens. Before you go to a museum, park, or elsewhere, check to see if there is a senior discount offered. This will help you save money on travel, and allow you to treat yourself in other ways.

2. If You Have Health or Mobility Issues, Consider A Younger Travelling Companion

One of the unfortunate things that can happen with aging is the decline in mobility; this, however, does not need to stop you from seeing the world! If mobility is an issue for you, and you are single, consider a younger travelling companion. There are many younger people longing to see more of the world, and let’s face it, it’s normally the crowd over 50 who has more cash. Consider offering to pay for most of your companion’s way in exchange for her help. Be sure, however, to make the terms of your companion’s responsibilitiesclear. For instance, you may require that

5 Best Cities Of East Germany For Tourism

The eastern piece of Berlin was the capital of East Germany. It contains the vast majority of Berlin’s imperative memorable structures, makes them interest and appealing private neighborhoods (with great eateries, bars etc), and has world-class historical centers. Eastern Berlin in all likelihood has more to see and do than littler previous East German urban communities, for example, Dresden or Leipzig, however you ought to consider a day excursion to nearby Potsdam, an enchanting little city brimming with the royal palaces of the previous kings of Prussia. ¬†We have listed some major cities of Germany which are best for tourism.

East Berlin:

East Berlin was the capital of East Germany until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and East and West Germany reunited less than a year later. As the capital of East Germany, East Berlin was always the “shop window” for socialism. Berlin today is presently an unfathomable, brought together city assorted in ethnic gatherings and rich in touring attractions, society and nightlife. After unification, many districts, such as Prenzlauer Berg have been extensively refurbished and are now some of the popular residential areas in the city.


The biggest city

Germany Travel Tips for Your First Germany Trip

In 2002 I left the U.S. for the first time in my life in route to Germany. I had just finished basic training with the Army and Germany was my first duty station. In this article I provide information that I wish I had known upon my arrival into Germany.

The first thing I noticed was that although the buildings were a little different, the scenery was very similar to what I was used to seeing in Indiana, where I grew up.

Almost everything is smaller in Germany though. The roads, buildings, homes and shops are all smaller than what we’re used to here in the States. The person to area ratio is much higher in Germany so you don’t see many large parking lots, big homes or wide roads.

As a matter of fact, most Germans do not even own a home, they rent! If you’re visiting Germany for the first time I highly recommend you use public transportation, as you can get anywhere in the Country by bus and train and it’s cheap and quick. That way you don’t have to deal with the small roads, parking and differences in driving laws.

Visit Wetzlar’s Historic Old Town

Wetzlar’s historic “Old Town” offers plenty of old buildings, museums, and since it was temporary home to the famous writer Goethe back in 1772. The tightly woven ensemble of historic buildings and houses in the Old Town (Altstadt) with its half-timbered houses and stone buildings from Romanesque (Wetzlar Cathedral) to Gothic to Renaissance and Baroque is to a great extent as it was in the late 18th century, preserved and extensively restored. Thus the great squares of Buttermarkt/Domplatz (“Butter Market/Cathedral Square”), Fischmarkt (“Fish Market”), Eisenmarkt (“Iron Market”), Kornmarkt (“Corn Market”), and the former Franziskanerhof (“Franciscan Yard”), now called Schillerplatz.

You definitely want to visit Wetzlar’s Dom (Cathedral). It is one of Wetzlar’s landmark buildings. Building work began on the cathedral in 1230 and is still not finished. It is the successor to a former “Church of the Saviour” consecrated in 897. Wetzlar’s Dom incorporates so many styles that it is like a stone album of German ecclesiastical architecture. Each master seems to have had his own ideas. Yet, it is remarkably harmonious on the inside with a trove of art treasures, including 14th-century frescoes and an unusual Pieta from 1380.

There are many noteworthy buildings to

Germany Travel Tip – Licher Pilsner Brewery in Lich, Hesse

Did you ever want to tour a famous German brewery to see how German beer gets produced as well as participate at a beer tasting of the world class Licher Pilsner beer?

The Licher Privatbrauerei Ihring-Melchior GmbH is a famous brewery in Lich, Hesse. Lich is located about 12 km southeast of Giessen. The brewery has 250 employees and is therefore the largest private brewery in Hesse. Licher Beer has also been market leader since 1988 in Hesse. Their beer is famous in Hesse and well beyond Hesse. Indeed, it is known to be one of the top 20 beers in the German beer market.

The brewery offers private tours where you first watch a movie about the company, its history, and their products. But who wants just a movie? As a highlight you get to tour the brewery and taste their famous beer fresh from the tap.

We recommend after the tour to stroll to Lich’s charming downtown. There are lots of good restaurants and small shops that offer you a perfect way of ending the day.

You’ll need to make a reservation by phone or email to attend any of the following

Luisenburg Landscape Park (Steinwald) in Wunsiedel

If you like to spice up your holidays with a little bit of adventure, we know just the right place for you. The Luisenburg Landscape Park, in German called Steinwald, is located near Wunsiedel, Bavaria, in the Fichtelgebirge. The Luisenburg Landscape Park, named after the Prussian Queen Luise, guarantees a great fun day out for the whole family.

Admire outstanding rock formations and follow the route passing Canyons and other natural wonders. Stunning views will await you at the mountain top of Luisenburg. It is believed that around 1,000 years ago, robber-knights built a fortress in this impassable terrain and called it Losburg, later changed to Luisenberg. First documents mention this fortress in 1352, but by that time it was already completely destroyed and only some remnants can still be seen today. In 18th century, the Rock Labyrinth was developed as a tourist destination and named after the Prussian Queen Luise, who visited the natural wonder with her husband Friedrich Wilhelm III in 1805. Nowadays, it is home to an open-air theatre surrounded by bizarre rock formations which is the location for the famous Luisen-Festival.

Depending on your time and your physical condition, you can choose

Driving Tips For Those Traveling Overseas This Summer Travel Season

With the summer travel quickly approaching, more and more people are starting to plan trips to Europe and other countries outside the US. While part of the attraction of traveling through Europe is that you can do so without the need for a car (the Eurorail is an amazing system), there are those that will want to rent a vehicle to do some exploring on their own. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re driving in a country that isn’t your own.

Obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP)

Valid in over 150 countries, this permit allows you to drive in numerous European countries, as well as having your name, photo, and driver information translated into ten languages. Available through AAA for only $15, this is a must have for anyone looking to drive outside the US. It is, however, still recommended that you carry your usual driver’s license with you when traveling as it provides extra identification for emergencies.

Learn the Rules of the Road for Where You’ll Be Traveling

Different countries have different rules for driving. Most European countries reserve the left lane for passing, with the middle and